• Tuesday, 25 April 2017

    How to maintain cleaning of your office?

    Totally unfair if you are paying extra attention to your home cleaning and you are not bothering your workspace. You are about to spend maximum 8-9 hours daily in your workspace, and messy and stinky office will not be bearable for you. Yesterday I was at my friend’s office for pick her up for lunch, and probably I had to wait for her in waiting for lounge about 10-15 minutes.

    That time was totally disruptive for me there was no proper ventilation and suffocation was at its peak. One of the employees sitting in front of me was throwing eatable wrappers on table dustbin was near to him. He couldn’t throw that wrapper into that due to the height of laziness and what should I suppose to say there was a lack of workspace ethics, and maybe he doesn’t know cleaning basics, etc. Let’s put this conversation aside and come to the hot topic of today. From yesterday scenario I concluded if everyone is having a little bit information regarding cleanliness in workspace then it can do this by own without having the assistance of professionals.

    Hiring professionals are something for other chores in office like cleaning kitchen, bathrooms, driveway cleaning and something, etc. If every employee learns to keep their surrounding clean, then it will not be a problematic for visitors as well. In this article, I am going to let you know how to maintain office cleaning by following some steps

    ·         ·     Organizing work tables:

    You have to make sure work tables are properly organized. Papers should be piled up for quickly sorting for future. Keep only needed documents on the table and rest of them should be kept in cabinets or drawers.

    ·       ·        Keep your electronics dust free:

    In workspace electronics which are belonged to you on your work table should be dust free. Make sure before turning on the system you need to mention this for office management to clean this or if there is any cleaning service is hired then remind them to do this on urgent basis.

    ·        ·        Throw wrappers into the dustbin:

    You may have seen various office doors who have posted the note Use dustbins for throwing wrappers and other eatables, and you know how many of you are following this. It is mandatory to stick that note on each corner of the office to compel them to take their heads out from desks and consider this aspect too.

    ·         ·        Visiting area should be cleaned:

    Make sure visiting area should be cleaned on a daily basis because that area is the only place which can attract visitors. It will be a great impact on them. They will get to know how much you are paying attention to cleanliness of your office.

    ·         ·        Clean lunch area:

    Make sure lunch area should be cleaned immediately after lunch because it would look unpleasant with food wrappers and plates on the table, so it’s better to clean the area first before lunch time ends. Clean the table with any cleaner which quickly removes the food particle from the table or some greasy stains

    ·         ·        Clean the Worktable before you leave:

    Make sure while leaving the office you have cleared your worktables.  It wouldn’t be wastage of time for you on next day everything will be cleaned and arranges so you can start your day even early without wasting time in cleaning and sorting out the other things

    You have to learn cleaning facts which can be managed by you quickly if you will keep clean area which is related to you then everyone can do the try of same. These are the few things which can be quickly managed by management without having professionals. If you learn these tips then probably you will learn how to keep your surrounding hygienic and dust free. Paste these instructions on each door to aware people what they need to do apart from being a workaholic. Keep your environment healthy at any cost. Good Luck!


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